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Hardwood Refinishing

Dust-Free Hardwood Refinishing Services


Hardwood floors add a beautiful touch to any home. In fact over 97% of realtors agree that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell.


However, over time they can wear down or become damaged. Dull, scratched, and faded wood floor panels can make any room appear drab and worn out. Fully replacing your hardwood floors can be very expensive. Hardwood refinishing is a convenient and more affordable alternative.

Don’s Carpet One Floor & Home offers dustless sanding and refinishing services to the Birmingham Area that will transform your home while keeping you stress-free. We use the Magnus Anderson Dust-Free Hardwood Refinishing System, which has a powerful dust containment process so that you don’t need to worry about debris all over your space. Instead, our method sends all airborne dust to a trailer outside the home. A hospital-grade HEPA filter inside the home works to keep the air clean and safe. Studies have shown the system produces 99.8% less dust than traditional sanding. This is important since wood dust is not only messy, but is also a known carcinogen. This process is much healthier for your indoor environment and your family, since traditional sanding methods can produce airborne dust as much as 22 times higher than the OSHA level of safety. It will also save you time and money because the clean up process is much simpler and faster.


Once sanding is complete, we’ll restore your wood floors to their original sheen. This is where the real art of what we do comes in. We offer both water and oil-based finishes, and we can walk you through color samples to find the perfect look for your home. We can even create a custom color that’s beautifully tailored to your design vision. Water and oil-based wood finishes truly allow the natural beauty of your original hardwood to shine through, and the water-based options are safer and less toxic than other choices. They also resist changing hues to a more yellow or amber shade over time. Water-based finishes dry faster as well, typically within 2-4 hours, while oil-based finishes take about 10 hours. Both choices are durable, scratch and moisture-repellent, and easy to maintain.


To learn more, visit one of our showrooms in Trussville, Alabama, or contact us today. Our hardwood refinishing services will save you time and money, while also adding beauty and value to your home.





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