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Laminate Flooring in Alabama

Laminate Flooring in Alabama


Laminate flooring is a popular hardwood alternative that continues to innovate. Manufacturing and digital printing innovations have made laminate floors incredibly realistic, and you won’t ever feel like you’re compromising.


Don’s Carpet One Floor & Home is Alabama’s destination for the best laminate flooring. We carry the best laminate flooring brands and can help you find the best flooring for every room.


How Does Laminate Flooring Compare to Hardwood


One shouldn’t directly compare laminate flooring to real hardwood, but there are some very valid reasons to opt for the former.


  • Laminate floors are a man-made product using synthetic materials, making them more affordable and forgiving than natural wood.
  • Laminate floors resist scratching and dents.
  • Laminate never needs refinishing.
  • Laminate floors don’t need to be polished.
  • Laminate planks can be installed without nails.


Is Laminate Flooring Completely Waterproof?


Most laminate flooring isn’t 100 percent waterproof but resists everyday moisture.


Because of its sturdy moisture resistance, laminate flooring can be an easier option for spaces where you’d generally install genuine hardwood flooring.


Compared to hardwood flooring, your laminate floor won’t buckle, scratch, or dent when confronted with pet claws, spilled juice, or your baby’s stroller.


Planning Your Laminate Flooring Installation


Laminate floors shine brightly in kitchens, living rooms, and hallways.


Laminate flooring planks are generally installed as floating floors. Nails and adhesives aren’t needed as part of the installation process since these enduring planks are made to click and lock into place. In the rare instance that damage occurs, one can replace individual planks as needed.


Despite its easy installation, a professional flooring installation is usually your best option. Novices can easily make mistakes, which can prove costly in the long run. Additionally, many product warranties require professional installation to ensure future coverage.


Come Browse Our Laminate Flooring Selection


We’re your local flooring store, with plentiful laminate flooring options for every space.


As members of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative we can provide you with the services you love when shopping locally while selling quality laminate flooring at exceptional prices.


Visit us today in Trussville, AL. Busy today? Browse our laminate flooring inventory online with ease.